For Clients Who Need Interim Support

Our experienced interim specialists bring you project and change management expertise that delivers results.

Get flexible interim support to help you achieve your HR goals. From HR transformation leads and programme managers to system configuration and business process analysts, our specialists help you achieve measurable outcomes.

Importantly, our approach empowers your internal teams. You need advisers who gel with your culture, who don’t outstay their welcome and who help you establish processes, technology and structures that deliver sustainable results. And that’s what you get when you choose us.


How Our Interims Help

When you’re faced with an HR change programme, an interim specialist can give you the breadth and depth of expertise you need to deliver on time and within budget – and without the commitment of a permanent hire. Our interims support you with a wide range of business situations, including

  • Business reorganisation, restructuring and change
  • Transformation and turnaround situations
  • Technology refresh and disruption
  • Unplanned and planned growth
  • New business integration and divestment
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Crisis management
  • Unexpected loss of personnel
  • New leadership
  • Failing projects
  • Legislative change
  • Political and economic change


Our Process

We have decades of experience supporting global companies to deliver complex HR programmes, achieving buy-in at all levels to ensure sustainable success. Our clients transform HR into an indispensable commercial partner in the business, with the ability to demonstrate clear ROI and performance.
You achieve sustainable results because of our unique experience. Not only do we support you to deliver HR change, we’ve also owned operations once they’ve transitioned to business as usual. In other words, we’ve experienced the day-to-day effects of the strategies we’ve developed. Our interim specialists bring that understanding, working closely with you to deliver a successful outcome.

Zero in on the Brief

We start by homing in on the outcomes you want delivered and the skills required to do this. This goes beyond hard measures – we invest time understanding you and the function to determine the best fit in terms of culture, personality and delivery style.
The Underscore model is people-centric – it builds relationships with you and within our organisation. Our interim team works collaboratively and seamlessly with our HR consultancy and HR training teams to guide you to the right solution. We share our knowledge and experiences to increase our understanding of HR markets, and pass on this benefit to you when defining your requirements and outcomes.

Review the Shortlist

We know each interim in our network and thoroughly understand their experience and how it can be best applied. The time we spend together means we’re able to make informed recommendations that lead to a successful match.
We identify the best shortlist of available and experienced HR interim professionals. For the best 2 to 3 candidates, you get CVs and an overview weighing their experience against the core deliverables.

Interview & Select

We support you throughout the interview and selection process, from reviewing candidates to providing interview settings and taking references.
We can also manage all contractual admin where needed, so you benefit from a seamless and effortless process.

Support You Throughout

Our thorough processes are designed to increase precision and speed in interim deployment. We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer you, and it’s one reason our clients achieve success.
Our work doesn’t stop when your interim starts. Throughout the project, we’re in regular contact to ensure your requirements are being met and to measure performance against the required outcomes.


Why Underscore HR

We’re 100% focused on HR, so you get exactly the right experience and skillsets to achieve your goals.


Success isn’t just about delivering a defined outcome, it’s about delivering the right outcome. We’re more than just an interim agency – we help you make better resourcing decisions.


We help you capitalise on the best HR technology and embed it within the function, so you enjoy the business benefits while achieving fast ROI and a low cost of ownership.


You need fast solutions, but you also need a sustainable result. Our interims focus on the short, medium and long term, so you get internal buy-in and cumulative benefits.

Spotlight On…

Interim Plus

Interim Plus is a unique service that makes it easier for you to deliver successful transformation programmes.

In addition to interim support, you get governance, methodologies and tools to support your transformation lead (whether it’s an internal role or interim manager). Your Underscore HR specialist sits in your monthly review meetings and provides oversight throughout the project.
As a result, your initiative adheres to best practice, stays on track and achieves sustainable results.

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